Winning the Cold
GVRD Snow Patrol
GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd. Is a full service Commercial Snow and Ice Removal company. Snow Patrol operates an extensive fleet of equipment manned by qualified and experienced equipment operators.
Equipped to deal with winter
The Snow Patrol Team understands business. If your business is smothered in Snow and Ice then your business is not profitable. “Snow Patrol” is equipped to deal with whatever winter dishes out.
Your Snow Management
Skilled snow and ice personnel
GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd and its skilled snow and ice personnel are no stranger to keeping your business up and running during severe winter conditions. The principals of Snow Patrol have served commercial clients in the Fraser Valley since 2005.
Snow patrol equipment is well maintained and top quality. This is a priority with Snow Patrol. When winter sinks its cold teeth into your parking and pedestrian areas you want a contractor you can count on. Parking areas full of snow cause’s your customers to vanish. Snow Patrol understands this.
Clearing the path
Equipment is only part of the equation. Our trained and skilled equipment operators have been engaged in Fraser Valley Snow Removal for many years. Careful attention is paid to clearing snow with special attention to keeping parking areas and loading doors clear and accessible.

Snow Patrol has this philosophy. When your business is successful their business is successful.