An amazing phenomena occurred last night. Parts of the city had fog.

One would think living in the Fraser Valley on the West Coast of B.C. folks would be used to this event. Well apparently not.

Even more unusual. The temperature in many parts of the Valley was above freezing. Even above freezing the fog made many parking areas and sidewalks “Icy”!  Not good! Due to the apparently warmer temperatures many opted to not salt thereby creating a dangerous situation.

Temperatures often fluctuate quickly from location to location in the Fraser Valley. Areas such as South Surrey, White Rock and the Crescent beach area are even more volatile.


Remember our Grade Ten Social Study classes teaching the moderating effects of the Gulf of Georgia or any large bodies of water. Because of the depth of large bodies of waters and their mass, oceans and large bodies of water take longer to heat up, however longer to cool down. In the summer time, the coastal lines will keep cooler because the oceans are still warming up, however in the winter time the oceans will cause warmer winds to blow onto the coast because they have yet to cool off. Often, the temperature of a region will change due to the temperature of the water.

Guess where the temperature forecasts originate in the Vancouver region? The Vancouver Airport. YVR for short. We all know the YVR airport is surrounded by water. The Fraser River and the Gulf of Georgia to be exact. This will arguably be one of the warmest areas of the region.

GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd suggests our customers have their parking areas and walkways salted at + 2 degrees C. This temperature appears to be well above freezing. Apparently not.

This morning we received a number of calls from businesses that had an ice problem. Areas of South Surrey did not take precautions. With temperatures falling and warm moist air coming off the White Rock / Crescent Beach shoreline. The region had fog and cold temperatures. It was above freezing at sea level but not so in South Surrey.

The elevation in many areas of the Valley is 134 meters [400 feet] above sea level only a few kilometers from the water.

At Langley Municipal Airport the elevation is only at 34 feet above sea level. This area acts like a big bowl and the cold foggy air just settles in forming instant Ice overnight. Travel only about 8 kilometers east to Aldergrove and you climb to 367 feet above sea level and even colder. We do not live in a flat country.

Give us a call at GVRD Snow Patrol and inquire about our “Snow Patrol Service Agreement.”   You can stay awake at night watching the temperature, or we will do it for you. This gives you peace of mind that when temperatures change suddenly we will take action.

You won’t need to hit the phone looking for a Salting Contractor on short notice. When your parking lots, walkways and pedestrian accesses are in need of ice clearing, Snow Patrol will be there even before you call. Snow Patrol customers receive top priority service.  Give us a call and receive a Free Quote.

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