Be Nice, Clear Your Ice…

This has a catchy ring to it. Kind of a cute phrase don’t you think?  I remember public service commercials often being played in the wintertime with the slogan “Be Nice, Clear Your Ice“. You may think this as a bit self-serving when it is a slogan of a Snow and Ice Clearing Company.  In case you didn’t catch this?

GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd. clears more Ice than Snow each year.

Comments of readers on a recent post made a few uninformed comments.

Comment: If people were not so lazy and shovel their own snow we would not have that problem. Lol so many apartment and condo buildings never bother to even shovel or salt the sidewalks last year they just left it, hoping it would clear itself.

The fact is that many Strata type folks will not even water their own gardens let alone clear ice. The Strata may be lucky. Then again with one slip and fall claim the cost of Ice clearing may seem like a bargain!

Comment: Or maybe people should just take ownership of their own actions and not walk on unsafe surfaces.

Have you heard of Black Ice? This is ice that forms on surfaces but is invisible. Even worse. It can form when temperatures are above Freezing! Black Ice can form well above the normal freezing point of 0’ C.

Comment: Why can’t people be more proactive by clearing their own sidewalks? I did mine and three others (2 pensioners, and 1 handicapped person). If you get ahead of it, it’s not that big of a deal to maintain. Oh by the way I’m 60 years old too. 

Be Nice, Clear Your Ice…  How about an elderly lady in her late 80’s that cannot move without the aid of her walker. Getting to the car from the front door can be like climbing Mt. Everest! Be considerate!

We must think of others and not just of ourselves. These comments may apply to Residential Strata Homes. What about Businesses and Commercial Strata Units?

Many times the tendency is to plow or salt only the main traffic areas. This gets your customers into and out of your parking lots. Consider the journey from the Car to the Front door in this case.

Even worse. The PR and negative press of a customer laying sprawled out on the front walk in front of your business has a negative touch to it. Even worse – it keeps the lawyers in business.

On a recent claim a lady slipped on the ice and sprained her ankle. The award for this so called Minor injury was $25,000. This amount can more than take care of proper winter maintenance for a whole winter in many cases.

Give GVRD Snow Patrol a call and receive a FREE Estimate for your winter maintenance.  Your tenants and customers will be glad you did.

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