Salt Brine is an excellent option for Ice prevention. Slick sidewalks and roads are hazardous! Removing compacted snow and ice with shovels or snow blowers is not always an easy task. Salt can help by “undercutting,” or loosening the snow or ice. Contrary to popular opinion, salts primary function is not to completely melt snow and ice but can facilitate snow and ice removal by lowering the freezing point of water. Salt melts down through the ice or snow to the hard surface, then spreads out underneath. This undercuts and loosens the snow making shoveling and plowing more efficient. Products are available as either solids or liquids, but the majority Read more

An amazing phenomena occurred last night. Parts of the city had fog. One would think living in the Fraser Valley on the West Coast of B.C. folks would be used to this event. Well apparently not. Even more unusual. The temperature in many parts of the Valley was above freezing. Even above freezing the fog made many parking areas and sidewalks “Icy”!  Not good! Due to the apparently warmer temperatures many opted to not salt thereby creating a dangerous situation. Temperatures often fluctuate quickly from location to location in the Fraser Valley. Areas such as South Surrey, White Rock and the Crescent beach area are even more volatile. Why? Remember Read more

Be Nice, Clear Your Ice… This has a catchy ring to it. Kind of a cute phrase don’t you think?  I remember public service commercials often being played in the wintertime with the slogan “Be Nice, Clear Your Ice“. You may think this as a bit self-serving when it is a slogan of a Snow and Ice Clearing Company.  In case you didn’t catch this? GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd. clears more Ice than Snow each year. Comments of readers on a recent post made a few uninformed comments. Comment: If people were not so lazy and shovel their own snow we would not have that problem. Lol so many apartment Read more

Many don’t consider the High Cost of “doing nothing” during winter conditions. Some thrive on taking chances. Not a good thing when it comes to Ice and Snow. Even worse if you are a business owner or if you live in a strata complex. For the non-realtor types. Townhouses or Condominiums are strata’s. It is prudent to check with your Strata Manager and see if they have a Snow and Ice plan in effect for your strata. A recent case. A Townhouse sold in Burnaby, B.C. Last year, winter 2016, a visitor slipped and was injured on the “Strata Common Property”. The Strata Council did not have a winter contingency Read more

Remember the winter of 2016? Temperatures in the Fraser Valley hovered for weeks below Zero. Ice management for the average person became a huge drama. Newspaper articles and news broadcasters had a field day creating near hysteria over salt shortages. City slickers of Vancouver City came close to rioting when the City provided a few piles of free salt. Really Folks? GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd specializes in Ice and Snow Clearing for the Commercial Market. The method of Ice Management is basically the same if you are a homeowner or the manager of huge parking areas. The magnitude of work and the amounts of materials are just on a grander Read more