Service Agreement
Take the worry out of winter
You can waste valuable time staring at the sky in search of snow or focus on your business. Many business managers play the game of chance when it comes to Snow and Ice Removal. Wait without a plan. Hope the weather will not snow or freeze. Keep an eye on the sky instead of business. When snow falls, they start dialing in panic for a snow contractor. This non-plan causes frustration and lost sales. Without a plan they actually pay more than clients with a Snow Patrol Service Agreement.
Snow & Ice is certain
There is a general misconception that the GVRD and Fraser Valley area does not receive any snow. The truth is that the region averages 63.5 cm of snow per year, and there has never been a winter when traceable snow has not been observed at Abbotsford International Airport (or at Vancouver International Airport). Snow and Ice is a certainty. Icy Parking Lots and Sidewalks are even a greater certainty. Environment Canada reports that the “Fraser Valley Snow Removal” area experiences an average of 53 days per year of freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures increase the risk of legal liability for business owners!
Preferred client service
GVRD Snow Patrol Ltd maintains a constant vigil on weather conditions 24/7 during the snow and ice season. When freezing or snow conditions prevail, Snow Patrol we will automatically attend to your property with skilled personnel and equipment. You pay only for the actual work performed according to your customized service agreement. If it doesn’t snow or freeze you pay nothing. When you need service you will be billed at a “reduced rate” to what phone in customers will be billed.
Snow & Ice Season is Coming

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